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The experience of making a decision to buy real estate in a certain region of Florida, can be daunting, but doesn't have to be, especially for new families. The best place to invest in real estate is when it's a buyer market and when the homes availability is very plentiful and in big supply. Usually it's just a case of simple economics, supply vs. demand. 

Bradenton, Florida is quite a gem in southwest florida with a great culture surrounding it. We often see buyers act very quickly when it comes to buying their dream home or investing in a property in Bradenton, FL. Let's delve into what makes the city of Bradenton such a novel area in Florida.

1. Bradenton has a pleasant and attractive location. It is situated on the forefront of the Manatee River that leads into the Gulf of Mexico. It's just to the south of Tampa (about 50 minutes) and North of Sarasota (about 30 minutes) on the West Coast of Florida. Bradenton is the main city but houses many beach cities along the way to it's west - Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Palmetto, Parrish and Ellenton. As it's situated on the Gulf, it has many amenities such as deep sea fishing, dolphin watching, and many water sports. Bradenton is one hour and a half to Disney World and two hours to the center of Orlando. Here, the beaches are also voted the best of all of Florida according to National Geographic, not to mention an enormous supply of grouper fish at any restaurant you stop at.

2. Houses for Sale in Bradenton FL are quite the buyers market due to the huge influx of growth in Bradenton and the surrounding areas, with  supply more than most counties. Prices get reduced quite frequently and Bradenton Realtors such as us, Xena Vallone Realty have been in the growth scene way before the explosion of huge
growth in the area. We are able to negotiate at times very well with sellers due to the competition here. I haven't seen sellers so eager to sell in the past few years as they move on. No better time than now to get a great bargain on a home in Bradenton.

3. Interest Rates are still at historical lows at less than 4%. Taking advantage of interest rates this time is like getting a huge sale on a house with minimal effort! People say here, that interest rates for homes for sale in bradenton are going up next year since financial institutions keep on restricting their guidelines, it may happen soon.. buy your dream house while you still can.  

4. Bradenton Real Estate has a huge amount of houses for sale due to the fact that many elderly couples have been leaving this area, about 7% each year according to a study by Forrester Research and younger middle class families have taken their place by buying homes here. Lots of supply drives the cost of the houses down, leaving the buyers market intact. We also have seen a lot of condos for sale bradenton fl. There is a plethora of choices here which makes it easy to buy your dream home in Bradenton.

5. With houses for sale in Bradenton FL, it is still possible to get a FHA Loan or Standard Conventional or  Conventional Loan with a minimum of  3.5 - 5% down only. Many Sellers in the past few years around this area are also willing to pay closing costs to solidify the house purchase. With bradenton realtors,
such as Xena Vallone Realty, some lucky buyers, are able to purchase the house of their dreams with very little money down and out of pocket.

6. There is a great Chamber of Commerce here, called the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, which is a 4 year straight time winner of Florida Chamber of the Year Award.
They truly provide the best education and networking opportunities, job placement and small business counseling the best Florida has to offer is right here.

7. Bradenton Florida Real Estate has an excellent opportunity for short sale and foreclosures in the Manatee County Area. Ideally buy low, wait a few years and then sell high, it's a no brainer to also rent it out to pay the mortgage in this beautiful city, you are guaranteed to recieve a huge response of renters due to supply and demand here. We can help you manage this small endeavor if you wish. 

8. With homes for sale in Bradenton FL, Manatee County offers several first time Homeowner programs up to 15K for closing costs as well as special and subsidized loan programs. Even builders have been upping the ante offering free pools with sign on Bonus. We can definitely find these incentives and special opportunities for you.

9. One of the newest communities in all of Florida , Lakewood Ranch has a 8500 acre planned community consisting of 7 small villages only started in 1995. Its only 20 Years old and brand new. These are still considered homes for sale in Bradenton FL and only 15 minutes from Bradenton and still considered to be part of Bradenton. This community is geared around young families and children and has almost 8 daycares in the entire communities. Another great reason to move to the Bradenton Area.  

10. Bradenton Beach has many waterfront houses for sale in Bradenton. This Beach, only 20 minutes from the center of Bradenton, has many amenities to offer. Other beaches around the area in short distance from one another are Longboat Key, Holmes Beach and the famed Anna Maria Island. Plus, within a 30-45 minute radius is about 6 other beaches famous to staycationers to Florida when they make a surprise visit to this area.

11. Property Tax Rates in Bradenton are low. Houses for sale in Bradenton FL benefit from being in Manatee County that has the 11th smallest tax rate in all of Florida out of 67 Counties. At only 14%, and for the 10th straight year, Manatee County has not risen their taxes.

12. Due to the extensive amount of reasons - 12, we could come up with, by far. one of the longest on the internet in our opinion - from being centrally located to most of Florida's attractions and beaches, to the wonderful chamber of commerce we have, a huge community of families and daycares, incentives for buying and low property tax rates, makes Bradenton Florida Real Estate one of the most appealing communities to buy your home or invest in all of Florida. 

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Posted by Xena A. Vallone on November 21st, 2017 12:53 PM


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