Sell your Home in Bradenton Fl While Increasing your House Value.  

1.Here at Xena Vallone Realty, we have been giving this very important topic a tremendous amount of thought. When we say tremendous, we mean tremendous, so we decided to write the article of all articles and compile more than 15 reasons why to sell your home with a Realtor in Bradenton, FL with our firm. Firstly, this is no small feat by ordinary means, we compiled objective data from the US Census, the Bureau of Statistics, the Gale Association and our local Manatee County Library demographics. IMAGINE- Why sell a house in Bradenton FL?  

1. Mortgage Rates are still very low and inventory is always shrinking. This means there are so many buyers taking advantage of rates for 15 year loans that have further declined since 2010 from 4.17% for 15 year fixed to 2016 at it’s lowest 3.41%.  2017 has seen a 10 % increase from 3.41% for the first time in 6 years according to Fannie Mae. Buyers are still hot to buy, so trust your Bradenton Realtors, we won’t let you down.
2. Home Prices are rising for the second straight year. In Florida, and particularly in Manatee County, according to the Bureau of Statistics, home prices rose 5.8% alone. In this wonderful county we call home, this was accelerated by job growth especially noted by Lakewood Ranch Realty up 4.7% in 2016 and climbed another 3.6% percent in 2017 according to third quarter statistics. Best time is now to get a return on investment in Manatee County especially in Bradenton. 

 3. You have equity in your home with improvements. If you redo your outdated bathroom, your value can go up 3.2% according to the 2017 review by the Consumer Banks Association. Also noted installing new counter tops in granite or marble, and even putting up new artwork increases your homes’ value. Also noted, by – a part of Federal Reserve tells us that the top of the list value builder, we can do to improve the equity in our home, is to keep an open air plan. That is – to knock DOWN those walls, you know, those walls that make a room look like a cubicle – knock those intrusive walls down – and capture 3 -5% MORE value out of your home. 

4. Have You Outgrown Your Home? Since your kids left for college and all? If this is the case, #4 reason we have proof this is the case for homes in Manatee County.  Since we are a Palmetto Realty, a striking comparison has been made at our local library. According to Demographics Now, a readily available information source at Braden River Library which is close to Bradenton City Hall shows comparable evidence in the last three years, there is a 9% decrease of 18-25 year olds in Palmetto alone. Not to mention the surrounding areas of Parrish, Ellenton, and of course Bradenton. It’s important to note, that it may be time to move on if you have been in a house for 15+ years and find yourself in this predicament.  

5. You can afford your next move out of Manatee County. Under the authority of the International Association of Movers – a spokesperson for them is quoted that moving costs have increased due to inflation by 9.85% almost 10 percent in the past 5 years. It now costs between $12-18K to move more than 300 miles away. Keep this thought in mind as you don’t want to be that guy, or gal blowing your equity by having to take a loan out to move. Bradenton Realtors, such as us at Xena Vallone Realty, have a extensive movers checklist used by many to ease the transition, especially known to beat out the middlemen charging and getting directly to the source of inexpensive but quality companies that help you save money. 

6. While the next reason, is completely logical, but in our experience, has been lost in translation due to other factors, on needing to move : PLEASE, if you owe more on your mortgage, than what the house is worth, DON’T sell. If you come in this predicament, please see #3 above on how to raise your equity of your houses’ value before making this decision.  

7. Commute is too L-O-N-G ? We can help. If you work in Tampa, one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the southern florida panhandle- traveling an hour to work for over a decade, maybe it’s time for a change. Consider – if you would want to work in this metropolitan area – and if so, relocate closer to Tampa, why there is so many great safe neighborhoods in Tampa. Here is some advice, you will not get anywhere else, any realtor outside of Realtors in Bradenton, FL would advise you to move closer to them. Why you ask? Because they are bound to certain criteria by government entities when they engage when they engage with you and your home needs from the start. 

8. Keeping harmony in house by seeing family less often, is that a possibility? Believe it or not, out of 100 people we see in a monthly basis, there is always 1 out every 15 that mentions this issue. I do also recall, personally, my friend having the same issue. As a owner of an anna maria island realty, it’s the beach houses that go on sale for this exact same reason. So, as with many reasons, first financially afford the move, then get out of dodge, and make sure you tell as few people as you possibly can. That way you can deal with less, family judgements and assumptions. 

9. Retirement? Ahh..the burning question. More often then not, imagining retirement is a complex problem that has many odds and ends that need to be cleared up when selling your home. In our Lakewood Ranch Realty Office, we see newcomers day to day just starting out.  With their families, you see em, just too overwhelming the solid 30 + years working class pending retirement, and they feel like they have nothing in common with their community anymore. Aha! but they do, a lot in common actually, they share big change on the opposite side of the spectrum. Just what works best for families just starting out, may not jive well with the retiring working class. 

In that case, we have seen many a up and coming retiree, move closer to Cape Coral, and Port St. Lucie, and share the retiree class with other like minded retirement homes. Boy, do the numbers add up. According to Demographics Now, over 70% of men and women live in these two beach cities and the more the merrier for future retirees.  

10. Want to make a new hobby of remodeling a new home? Sure many do. As with all moving changes, there comes a certain mundane feeling of being in a house for 5-10+ years and have the yearning to create a new environment inside the home. Alas, you have cluttered your home with certain keepsakes that have amassed throughout your house with no where to rearrange because of space constraints. So, with that in mind, putting your house on the market, in manatee county, whether it be in lakewood ranch, palmetto, bradenton or your closest palmetto realty, we have you covered. Our realtor firm has also compiled by each month, a list of fixer- uppers to fit any curiosity. If you do put your house on the market, you can then work on a new home and outfit it without space constraints. We do love this novel idea.  

11. Death in the family/avoid probate/ transfer into trust : Number #11 is a really complex one without a legal counsel, so be sure to do so. If an unexpected death in the family occurs, as what had happened to one of our realtors mothers, its best to move on without being constantly reminded of past relics and mundane day to day without your partner. In our anna maria island realty,  this occurrence happens quite frequently. Avoiding probate with a trust is a great time to sell. Quoting Farah Roberts, Attorney at Law, a prestigious law firm in Ohio, you have to transfer the title to your house to a trust before you pass, then your significant other can avoid probate and sell the home more quickly than not.  

12. Lower Property Tax Rates, Higher Rental Income elsewhere – Of all 26 counties in Florida, Manatee County and surrounding areas are not in the top 10 of lowest taxes in Florida. Floridian counties drawn form the census,  show the top three counties with lowest property taxes are Walton, Monroe and Collier Counties. So it really helps to know this particular info and more, and if you need this statistical info to make more of a informed decision, we would be happy to supply it. This is our value proposition and more as Bradenton Realtors. Higher Rental Income statistics are also readily available if you decide you would like to make an investment elsewhere and leave the selling of your beautiful home to us.  

13. Strong Buyer Demand Opportunity – As Manatee County Real Estate is a growing economy due to it’s focus on family in Lakewood Ranch, it’s focus on art in Bradenton, and its focus on river estates in Palmetto, we have a treat for our prospective sellers. The Manatee Chamber of Commerce has supplied us with growth demographics in the current year of 2017 Realtors in Bradenton Fl Survey of Real Estate that shows higher buyer demand compared to other counties. According to the survey, almost shows 17 percent change in economical value among new houses and old that are being sold. More new construction, especially by our Lakewood Ranch Realtors location really stirs up demand in this county. We would also be glad to show demographics that prove it’s time to sell in 2018 due to the fact of the objective data of new families coming to this area of Bradenton on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis.  

14. New stricter reform laws requiring tighter leash on mortgages – We decided to delve into the property reform bills sent to the US Senate & House of Representatives in 2017 and 2018 by using a study by PriceWaterHouseCoopers in Tampa. As of 2019,  there are regulations that require a tighter hold on mortgages and an increase of 2.3% on Mortgage Rates. Mortgage Rates will start to increase starting March 2018, and haven’t increased since 2011. Strike the iron while it’s hot with 2018 Bradenton Real Estate and Bradenton Realtors. This way you can avoid the republican raise on mortgages  and avoid anymore complications with new regulations. Please visit our palmetto realty location or any of our locations today to hear more.  

15. Finally Number #15. Its so straightforward, it hurts. Get out of Debt. It’s obvious, that may not be numerically or generally accepted accounting practice to sell your home to get out of debt, but if it’s urgent, people do it and I have seen it.   I hope you enjoyed our very extensive list of reasons to sell your home in the manatee county area, and whether you visit our anna maria island realty location or any of our other locations, we would be glad to provide any additional information provided or not provided in our guide to selling your home in beautiful bradenton.  

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